Race 3 Results - Seekonk Speedway

                      June 10

1. #9 Tommy Barrett

2. #52 Woody Pitkat

3. #29 Jon McKennedy

4. #25 Rowan Pennink

5. #58 Eric Goodale

6. #21 Les Hinckley

7. #43 Kirk Alexander

8. #12 Todd Annarummo

9. #57 Keith Rocco

10. #M6 Dylan Kopec

11. #4 Jeff Gallup

12. #50 Carl Mederios Jr

13. #15CT Chris Pasteryak

14. #6MA Sam Rameau

15. #13 Steve Masse

16. #72 Ryan Kuhn

17. #55 Joe Doucette

18. #35 Andrew Molleur

19. #0 Mike Holdridge

20. #04 Branden Dion

21. #99 Richard Savary

22. #25CT Matthew Galko

23. #15NH TJ Bleau

24. #48 Jon Kay

Race 4 Results - Riverhead Raceway

June 17

1. #6          Ryan Preece

2. #11x      Dillon Steuer

3. #29         Jon McKennedy

4. #58        Eric Goodale

5. #52         Woody Pitkat

6. #19         David Schneider

7. #25         Rowan Pennink

8. #97          John Fortin

9. #7NY      Donny Lia

10. #15CT  Chris Pasteryak

11. #15NH TJ Bleau

12. #35       Andrew Molleur

13. #50       Carl Mederios Jr

14. #74       CJ Lehmann

​Bringing Back the Glory of  Modified Racing! 

In his second full season of operation, Gary Knight, owner of the Modified Touring Series of
Charlestown, NH, is honored to make another major announcement in modified racing and its future in
the New England market place. Knight has been working feverishly behind the scenes with the top short
track facilities in the country looking to book dates, obtain sponsors and create new ideas in promoting
modified short track racing.
After much discussion MTS has landed two dates at Stafford Speedway. On June 2nd MTS will
make the first of 2 stops with the second MTS event being held Friday July 21st.
“We are looking to bring an exciting program that is fan friendly the way the Arute family always
has prided itself,” said Knight. “These events will be unique. They will consist of two race events and the
distance will be 125 laps. The 125-lap races will feature qualifying done by heat races, not time trials.
The field will be the old traditional way of modified racing in its presentation. You must race to get into the
show. No time trials, race through qualifying events, building up to the main event. We are looking to give
the fans a great race program and a great show. We can’t wait ‘til we get to the first race at Stafford.”
Knight has met with several promotors. Recently he had a meeting at the Stafford Motor
Speedway, at Stafford Springs, CT with his board of directors in designing and creating the rules and
discussing the presentation of the race programs.
The Arute family from the Stafford Motor Speedway has always been an industry leader receiving
national recognition for its NASCAR program as one of the finest short tracks in America today. Mark &
Lisa Arute, along with their sons Paul and David discussed running two major events at the famed
Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs Connecticut.
“Our team has been working with Gary Knight of the Modified Touring Series for a few months
now and we really like the series he is pulling together,” said Arute. “We were impressed by his execution
of the Winchester 200 last year at Monadnock and are looking forward to the Modified Touring Series
Stafford debut on Friday June 2nd.”
Knight stated, “There is no question that Stafford has always been the leader when it comes to
modified racing. Jack Arute, Sr. took such pride in always running first class modified events. I feel that
Mark and Team Stafford are honored to work with me as I am honored to work with them for this
upcoming presentation. The race program at Stafford is one of the best short track programs in the
country. It is efficient, it is fan friendly, and it is truly a facility that prides itself as the home of modified
racing. The Modified Touring Series wants to be a part of that success story. By Stafford including the
Modified Touring Series on their 2017 schedule, it means that we are considered a major force in 2017 in
the presentation of modified racing. We are so honored and excited about running at the Stafford Motor
Knight has been in discussion with teams that feel Stafford is going to be the strong point of
growing the series referred to as MTS. At Stafford, top drivers will be attracted from the Whelen Modified
Tour, from other touring series, and some of the top drivers from the SK Modified® division. What makes
the race at Stafford so unique is Gary Knight is going to bring a fresh new approach to touring racing.
Teams have shown tremendous support for the MTS. Among the competitors that have shown interest in
these events include John McKennedy, the defending champion of the MRS racing series, the Winchester
200 winning team of Ed Partridge and Ryan Preece, as well as Eric Goodale of Goodie Motorsports,
Charlie Pasteryak, a multiple track champion, Richard Savary, and other competitors and the list
continues to grow. MTS appreciates the interest in the series.
Contact us for more information. More information is available on our website at
modtouringseries.com and our Facebook page Modified Touring Series. Additional information will be
announced regarding this event as it develops. Expect big news in the coming weeks surrounding the
events at Stafford from the MTS Series.



The Modified Touring Series “MTS” is committed to bringing a program to race tracks in the North East that is entertaining for the fans as well as having a program that is not only enjoyable but beneficial to the teams that support MTS. We understand that race team support is crucial to making MTS a success.

It is our commitment to make certain that we create a series where all teams have an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas in an open-minded forum. Our goal is to consistently work with teams to grow and improve our race program.

MTS along with teams have created a Competition Committee. This panel of car owners and drivers have agreed to take on the responsibility of ensuring that the values and goals set forth with our series are upheld to the highest standards.

We, at MTS, are proud to announce the members of our Competition Committee: Art Barry, John McKennedy, Charlie Pasteryak, Rob Walendy and Kirk Alexander.

We are looking forward to a great season in 2017 and want to thank all the teams for their ongoing support.

Point Standings                                                                 SunocoQuest for the Cup Points

 #6           Ryan Preece                        Points:                          300     +4  Bonus Points

 #29         John McKennedy                Points:                          300    +2  Bonus Points 

#9            Tommy Barrett Jr                Points:                         300     +2  Bonus Points

1. #52        Woody Pitkat                       Points: 145

2. #25        Rowan Pennink                  Points: 135

3. #15CT    Chris Pasteryak                  Points: 134

4. #58         Eric Goodale                      Points: 133

5. #35         Andrew Molleur*             Points: 103

6. #15NH   TJ Bleau*                            Points: 103

7. #21         Les Hinckley                      Points: 101

8. #99         Richard Savary                  Points: 93

9. #M6      Dylan Kopec                       Points:93

10. #43       Kirk Alexander                 Points:  89

11. #4         Jeff Gallup                          Points: 85

12. #0        Mike Holdridge                  Points:83

13. #50      Carl Mederios Jr                Points: 82

14. #57      Keith Rocco                        Points: 68

15. #12      Todd Annarummo            Points: 63

16. #13      Steve Masse                       Points: 49

17. #6MA    Sam Rameau*                  Points: 48

18. #11x     Dillon Steuer                     Points: 39

19. #19       David Schneider               Points: 35

20. #97       John Fortin                         Points: 33

21. #7NY   Donny Lia                            Points: 32

22. #00       Ted Christopher                Points: 31

23. #74       CJ Lehmann                        Points:27

24. #77       Matt Mead                         Points: 26

25. #72       Ryan Kuhn                         Points: 25

26. #58NY   Sal Accardi                        Points: 24

27. #55         Joe Doucette                     Points: 24

28. #69        Carlos Gray                       Points: 23

29. #04        Branden Dion                   Points: 21

30. #25CT    Matthew Galko                 Points: 19

31. #48         Jon Kay                              Points: 17

* - Rookie

The Modified Touring Series is proud to announce, after months of talks, the signing of our first three dates of the 2017 racing season: Monadnock Speedway (April 22, July 1 and September 16). Larry and Deneen Cirillo along with Fred Pafume of Monadnock Speedway have been supporters of MTS from the beginning. Hosting our first race, The Winchester 200 in may of this year.
Teams will be racing the 2017 season for a $40,000.00 point fund and a per race event of $3000.00 to win. We will also be introducing an exciting points chase that will ensure that each race will keep competitors and fans on the edge of their seats every time the drivers hit the track.
We are currently in talks with other tracks for more dates for the upcoming season. 

*Questions or Comments*

Race entry forms are now available. Click "Forms" and return early for the discount

2017 will be the inaugural season for the Modified Touring Series. It’s time to bring back the glory of modified racing in the Northeast. We pledge to our fans and racers, there will be transparency, integrity and above all, fairness.

The faithful fans of modified racing deserve to see the best group of talented drivers this sport has to offer. The Northeast has been the staple in producing yesterday’s legends and tomorrow’s modified heroes and we intend to showcase those competitors.

2017 Modified Touring Series Per Race Purse:

1st $3000                                                15th $675
2nd $1600                                               16th $660
3rd $1300                                                17th $660
4th $1075                                                18th $660
5th $975                                                  19th $660
6th $925                                                  20th $660
7th $875                                                  21st $660
8th $850                                                  22nd $660
9th $825                                                  23rd $660
10th $800                                                24th $660
11th $775                                                25th $660
12th $750                                                26th $660

13th $725                                                27th $660 *
14th $700                                                28th $660 *

* Riverhhead Raceway

- Quest for the Cup transfer spots -

Gear Rule: for Stafford Motor Speedway:

Max 486 Gear

Max 476 Gear for spec motors




EXIT Realty has signed on as the Title Sponsor of the Modified Touring Series for 2017.  The sponsorship is backed by five EXIT Realty Regions where the Modified Touring Series will be racing in 2017 including Connecticut, Down State New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Upper New England (NH & VT).  EXIT Realty isn’t a stranger to racing as Derek Beatrice, owner of EXIT Realty Beatrice Assoc., has been involved in motor sports for a number of years sponsoring billboards at several speedways, as well as assisting several race teams. Some of these ventures with EXIT Realty included sponsorship of drivers Eddie MacDonald in a Sprint Cup Car he ran at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and John McKennedy of the Valenti Modified Tour, both champions in their own right. EXIT Realty will make their presence at each event informing spectators of their services and loyalty to the sport.

Gary and Alichia Knight, founders of the series, would like to welcome EXIT Realty as the Title Sponsor for the new and exciting Modified Touring Series. Gary, former race car driver turned promoter, has been working very hard to promote the series and looks forward to working with EXIT Realty to give them maximum exposure.

The EXIT Realty Modified Touring Series will have a ten-race schedule for the 2017 season with regional involvement from the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, NH, VT, and downstate New York EXIT Realty locations. The format for each one of the 10 scheduled events will include qualifying heat races, consolations (if needed), and a 125 lap green flag feature event. The payoff is structured so that most modified teams will, at a minimum, meet their expenses for the event.

What looks to be some of the most exciting news in Modified racing in years, the EXIT Realty Modified Touring Series will run in NH, MA, CT and NY promising the best racing entertainment in 2017.

For further information go to www.modtouringseries.com. 

Series News

With 4 races of the 2017 season now in the books of our inaugural season, the MTS is excited for our upcoming return to Monadnock Speedway on July 1 for Firecracker Night. The points race is definitely heating up. The MTS has had three different winners so far, Ryan Preece on Apr 22 @ Monadnack Speedway, Jon McKennedy on June 2 @ Stafford Motor Speedway, Tommy Barrett on June 10 @ Seekonk Speedway  and Ryan Preece with a second win @ Riverhead Raceway. With Monadnock being the last chance to get in to the Sunoco Quest for the Cup, and a chance at $10,000.00, this should be a race to remember. At the end of the night the MTS will have a total of 12 teams racing for the Championship, some from wins and some from racing their way in on points. Although only 12 teams will start out after July 1 having a chance at the $10,000.00 that doesn't mean that those teams who don't make it into the Sunoco Quest for the Cup won't have a chance at our point fund. Our point fund will be dispersed down to 15th in total points.We at the MTS wanted to make sure every team has a chance to race for something, and with our point system being so close at 1 point per position this is anyone's game to win.

The Jerico Performance Products Rookie of the Year battle is also something to watch. The two Rookie front runners are Andrew Molleur and TJ Bleau. Not only are they tied in Rookie points going to Monadnock Speedway on July 1 but they are both currently sitting 5th and 6th in the points to get into the Sunoco Quest for the Cup.  I have a feeling that these two drivers are going to battle to the very end of the season.

The MTS would like to thank the tracks for allowing us to come and race at their facilities and the teams for their support, always putting on a great show and believing in what we're trying to do and most of all...the fans, who, without them we wouldn't be able to do this at all. We truly hope you've enjoyed the racing so far this season.

Seekonk Speedway set to welcome the new Modified Touring Series to the schedule in 2017.

SEEKONK MA - Seekonk Speedway and The Modified Touring Series are proud to announce that a date has been schedule for the new Open Wheel touring series based out of New Hampshire. The Modified Touring Series will be joining the storied history of
the Venditti family owned Seekonk Speedway for the 2017 season on June 10th.
“We are excited to be joining the Venditti family in their 70+ year family tradition of racing at Seekonk Speedway
on June 10 of 2017. Seekonk Speedway has a standard
of excellence in New England for short track racing that we, at the Modified Touring Series, are honored to be a part of in 2017 and hopefully many years to come.”- Gary Knight (MTS)

The Modified Touring Series “MTS” is committed to bringing a program to race tracks in the North East that is entertaining for the fans as well as having a program that is not only enjoyable but beneficial to the teams that support MTS.

Seekonk becomes the fourth date released in a proposed 12 race inaugural schedule. The Modified Touring Series season kicks off at Monadnock Speedway on April 22nd.

“We are hoping to see some great modified racing from the new tour. We are excited as a track to help promote a new series and continue to be a part of the growth of short track racing in New England.” states Ed St Germain, Director of Business Development at Seekonk. “ This will be our first open wheel show of the season followed by Open Wheel Wednesday on June 28th and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour later in the season.”

“The Modified Touring Series has some innovative new ideas that we look forward to being a part of for years to come “ says David Alburn, Competition Director at Seekonk Speedway “ the Speedway looks forward to being there at the start of something that has the potential to be great”.

Seekonk Speedway is a 1/3 mile paved oval NASCAR sanctioned track featuring weekly racing on Friday & Saturday nights featuring Pro Stocks, ACT Late Models, Street Stocks, Sport Trucks, INEX Legends, Sport Fours, Pure Stocks & INEX Bandoleros.

The Seekonk Speedway races from the first Sunday in May till Columbus Day weekend every year.

D. Anthony Venditti, “The Godfather of New England Auto Racing,” began construction of Seekonk Speedway in 1945. On May 30, 1946, the gates were opened for the first time. D. Anthony owned, operated, and promoted the Speedway until his death in 1991. Anthony received the promoter of the year award in 1978. His wife Irene continued till her passing in 2014, her son Francis, and grandson David continue the tradition of operating the speedway.
Know as the “Action track of the East” Seekonk Speedway has been family owned, operated, and promoted for over 70 consecutive years.

Seekonk Speedway
1782 Fall River Ave
Seekonk MA 02771

For more information contact :
Ed St Germain at Seekonk Speedway via email at
PH 617-515-5199

Gary Night at MTS via email modtouringseries@yahoo.com
PH 603-826-0063